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Membership in a fraternity or sorority can help you find your niche at VCU, and offers numerous opportunities for academic assistance, community service, social awareness and engagement, leadership, and making new friends. VCU offers a diverse mix of fraternities and sororities with many options for students to find a good match for their interests and goals. More than 1,200 students are members of about 30 fraternities and sororities at VCU.

Prospective members of fraternities and sororities should also become informed of the conduct history of the organization. Nationally, injuries and deaths have occurred for decades in the context of fraternity and sorority activities and may involve hazing, the misuse of alcohol or controlled substances, or sexual violence.



On February 27, 2021 VCU student Adam Oakes tragically died from the fatal consumption of alcohol in connection with hazing.  Delta Chi has been permanently banned as a registered student organization at VCU.  Students seeking to join a fraternity or sorority are strongly encouraged to review the disciplinary history set forth in the Student Organization Conduct Report  and to further research the national organization of any fraternity or sorority with a chapter at VCU they may be interested in joining, including at www.studentaffairs.psu/edu/piazzacenter

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